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  Diamond Saw Blades

    Granite Saw Blade

    Marble Saw Blade

    Diamond Dry Cutter

    Concave Saw Blade

    Tuck Point Blade

    Crack Chaser Blade


  Diamond Polishing Pads

    Wet Polishing Pad

    Dry Polishing Pad

    Convex Polishing Pad

    Floor Polishing Pad

    Pad's Rubber Backer


  Grinding Cup Wheels

    Straight Turbo Cup Wheel

    Turbo Wave Cup Wheel

    Continuous Row Cup Wheel

    Twin-Turbo Cup Wheel

    Continuous Rim Cup Wheel


  Diamond Core Drill Bits

    Wet Drill Bits

    Dry Drill Bits


  Zero Tolerance Wheels

    Metal Bond Drum Wheel

    Metal & Resin Drum Wheel

    Resin Bond Drum Wheel


  Diamond Finger Bits



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Stone Tools - High Quality China Diamond Tools & Factory Direct Price !


China Diamant Tools Co., Limited is a professional supplier of stone tools in China, specially for the granite and marble working industry. presents a fast view to purchase high quality Stone Processing Diamond Tools such as Diamond Saw Blades, Grinding Cup Wheels, Diamond Polishing Pads, Diamond Core Drill Bits etc., for a wide range of Stone Tools at favorable factory direct prices.




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14" Silent Granite Saw Blade

Segment Height: 12mm



16" Silent Granite Saw Blade

Segment Height: 20mm



5" Narrow Turbo Dry Cutter

Segment Height:10mm



5" Concave (Curved) Diamond Saw Blade for Granite



5" Marble Cutter with J Slot

Segment Height: 10mm



4" Straight Turbo Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel



4" Wet Polishing Pads

Standard Shape


4" Dry Polishing Pads

Hex Shape


1"(25mm) Diamond Finger Bit with 40mm Turbo Segments


4" Tuck Point Saw Blade



1-3/8"(35mm) Wet Drill Bit for Granite


1-3/8"(35mm) Dry Drill Bit for Granite


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